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The Art of Roaming Cooking

Cooking on the Road Made Easy

Cooking on the Road Made Easy

Cooking on the Road Made Easy – Tasty Basic Recipes Found Here!

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Do Any of These Statements Apply to You?

  • You are backpacking around the world staying in hostels or couch surfing and you do not know what to cook or how to cook?
  • Caravan

  • You are travelling around in your motorhome and would like ideas on cooking a variety of meals that are fuss free using only basic ingredients and basic cooking equipment?
  • You are a student and would like ideas for recipes that take little time to shop for and are cheap to make?
  • You work allows you to be location independent but you would rather be doing anything but googling to find suitable recipes that are healthy & simple to make?

If so, then this site is for you.

A Little About Me

About PictureHi, my name is Jacqui and I love to travel and also like to eat fairly healthy which is sometimes hard to do cheaply when you are travelling. If you are staying in places that have kitchen facilities, then cooking your own meals is a great way to save money. I love to roam the web to find recipes that are suitable for cooking on the road – in my book, that means the recipe must meet the following criteria:

  • Require only basic ingredients
  • Require only basic cooking equipment
  • Do not leave lots of leftover ingredients
  • Require only basic skills i.e. are fuss free!

There are so many recipes and sites that refer to ‘easy recipes’ but on closer inspection, they are not easy, or require too many ingredients, or require equipment you don’t have etc. So I curate recipes to save you time doing the same. At the moment I am collecting them on a Pinterest Board. I also collect great camping recipes. Finding cooking equipment great for cooking on the road is also something I love doing to share with my readers.

Unique, Pocket-Sized Cookbook for Travelers!

The Backpacker Chef Recipe Book
Do you run out of ideas of what to cook on the road? Especially without leaving lots of left over ingredients? I did when I travelled so I created a unique, pocketsized cookbook with basic recipes designed for backpackers and travelers cooking on the road – only basic ingredients, basic cooking equipment and basic skills required! Your must have companion if cooking in hostels, caravans and RVs, or self-catering accommodation. Check out the book here. Also available in digital format.

Cooking Advice From Travelers

Cooking advice from travelers
Learning tips from other travellers is also a great way to learn. Visit the blog to read stories and advice from travel bloggers who have each been travelling and cooking on the road for quite some time. Are you a travel blogger or have travelled and have some advice to share? Please get in contact and we can setup an interview.

Want to Take a Cooking Class on Your Travels?

Cooking Class Directory
Did you know that taking a cooking class is one of the top 10 things to do when travelling? What better way is there to experience a country than delight in the food culture of the region? Many travellers have written about their experience at a cooking class. If you are looking to take a class in a particular country and would like to read a review and view pictures to help you decide, take a look at the Cooking Class Adventures Around the World page.

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Here’s to full-filling freedom! :)



  1. By: Feng

    on: 27/02/2014 . Reply

    Love the concept of roaming cooking! I’ve always tried to throw in a cooking class while travelling and found it to be an excellent way to learn about the local culture and cuisine. I’ve enjoyed your website and I’m sure many others will as well. Keep cooking!

  2. By: Chris

    on: 09/03/2014 . Reply

    Love this book, wish I’d had it years ago while backpacking Europe. This is great even to go camping with. Keep up the great ideas and thank you.

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