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The Art of Roaming Cooking

Cooking on the Road Made Easy

Cooking on the Road Made Easy

The Backpacker Chef Recipe Book

The Cookbook Designed for Cooking in Hostels, Vacation Rentals & RVs

The Backpacker Chef Recipe Book 2

* Do You Waste Money on Ingredients You Only End up Using a Little Of?

…and then have to worry about storing them in limited storage space or carrying them around with you.

* Do You Waste Time Trying to Find a Suitable Recipe On-line to Make for Dinner?

…only to find it has too many ingredients or requires a piece of equipment you don’t have access to.

* Do You Get Tired of Eating the Same Thing Over and Over Again?

…you really cannot face another bowl of pasta and tomato sauce!

* Do You Stand in Supermarket Aisle Having No Clue What to Buy?

…and end up buying a prepackaged meal full of chemicals and preservatives.

* Do You Get Envious of What Other Travellers Cook in the Hostel Kitchen?

…and secretly wish you could cook like them?

Michael Tieso
“It’s a difficult skill to learn how to cook simple dishes that don’t require many ingredients and still be delicious. The tricky thing is, is that it’s by far cheaper to cook your own meals in Europe than going out to eat. The Backpacker Chef is the traveler’s dream cookbook. It’s simple to understand, most of the ingredients can be easily found anywhere in the world, and many of the dishes are healthy. “

Michael Tieso, Art of Adventuring

Solution – A Cookbook Designed for Travellers!

What’s so Special About the The Backpacker Chef Cookbook?


  • Print version is pocketsized and lightweight – great for travellers!

  • Only require a few, basic ingredients you can buy almost anywhere

  • Leave minimum left over ingredients

  • Do not require fancy cooking equipment

  • Leave minimum dishes to wash up

  • Can make in a few easy steps

  • Baked Potato

  • Are tasty and filling!

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Digital bundle – includes Kindle, ePub, Pdf formats you can read on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and any eReader device. Give a copy to 2 friends! Digital Bundle Price: $5 (AUD)

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The print version is pocketsized taking up only a small space in your luggage and can be carried around in your shirt pocket. At only 170gms it is very lightweight.

Benefits of Cooking on the Road

1. More Freedom & Savings

More money saved by cooking rather than eating out all the time, means more freedom to do more paid activities!

2. More Friends

One of the best ways to meet new people is by cooking in the hostel kitchen. By holding a new friend feast’ you can reap many benefits:
• Share the cost of the meal
• Share the cleaning and there is always less mess if you cook meals for more people in the same pot.
• Share ingredients everyone might already have.

3. More Energy – sick less often

Dry prepackaged meals may be quick to heat up but are filled with chemicals, preservatives, fats and sugars which eventually will take their toll on your energy. The last thing you want is to be tired or sick and not able to enjoy your travels.

4. More Variety – no more pasta & tomato sauce!

Eating out might have lost its novelty factor, or perhaps your stomach cannot afford to eat another curry or local cuisine but the thought of throwing together another pasta and jar of sauce meal does not whet your appetite either.
Backpackers Cooking in Hostel Kitchen

5. More Confidence

Cooking in a hostel kitchen can be a daunting task if you do not feel confident in your cooking skills or have simple recipes at your fingertips. The directions are written in a way that even the least skilled in the kitchen will understand.

6. Looking to impress someone?

Cooking a meal for someone is one of the most romantic things you can do! Be prepared with easy recipes up your sleeve.

You will be surprised at the masterpieces you can create with little effort. The directions are also written in a way that even the least experienced in a kitchen will be able to understand.

Save Money. Save Time. Stay Healthy. Be Proud.


GuaranteeBuy The Backpacker Chef and start your journey to healthy, simple cooking. Once you have a few easy recipes under your belt, you’ll be prepared for life. If you purchase the book and then decide it still is not a journey for you, a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee is available. You cannot fail either way!

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The Backpacker Chef Cover v1Digital bundle – includes Kindle, ePub, Pdf formats you can read on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and any eReader device. Give a copy to 2 friends! Digital Bundle Price: $5 (AUD)

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Buy the hardcopy and get the digital bundle versions FREE! $15 (AUD) + shipping

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See What Others Have to Say…

Jeanette and Dennis
“…handier than a pocket on a shirt!…packed with quick, easy, nutritious, and inexpensive recipes for travelers.” Jeanette Viera, Motornomadics

RV West Image“It’s obvious when someone writes on a subject they’re passionate and knowledgeable about…It is refreshing to find a cookbook that doesn’t include any fancy ingredients — everything can be easily found at any supermarket…With a cookbook this comprehensive, those who aspire to travel and make their own tasty food at the same time have a treat in store.” RV West Magazine

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About the Author

JacquiA Business Analyst by day and hence always looking for ways on how to make things ‘more efficient’, Jacqui thought of her own experiences of cooking in hostels. Not carrying around her heavy cookbooks nor the skill to ‘make something up’ while standing in the aisle of a supermarket deciding what to buy, she knew that she would love a cookbook like this – one that helped her to cook a variety of healthy meals on the road with minimum effort and fuss, and ultimately saving her money by not dining out all of the time – and easy to carry! After carrying out research and not finding much in the way of cookbooks for backpackers who did have access to kitchen facilities, Jacqui set about curating and writing the content for The Backpacker Chef, hoping to help make the task of cooking on the road easier for others. It is has become her ‘goto’ cookbook at home too!



  1. By: Jess

    on: 21/11/2013 . Reply

    Love this book! Cheap, easy and tasty recipes.

  2. By: Eddi

    on: 08/03/2014 . Reply

    Great little book. Takes up no room at all in your luggage. Simple recipes that can make meals on the road taste and look like gourmet cooking.

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