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I am the type of person who is always on the go and often eating lunch in the weirdest places between meetings! I used to carry around plastic cutlery with me but it would snap in half in my bag, poke holes through the snap lock bag it was stored it, it took up a fair bit of space and it wasn’t very nice to eat off all the time!
Now I have discovered the 3 piece stainless steel cutlery set from Roaming Cooking and I love it!

Jess Testimonial Roaming Cooking

In China, to get around there are many overnight trains. To save money you can bring your own food. I found the Roaming Cooking containers were great to store snacks, and also use as base to prepare food so don’t get crumbs everywhere. They are light and collapsible.

Jayne Testimonial Roaming Cooking

I cooked beef and chicken casseroles and froze them in my Roaming Cookware. During our travels in our caravan, I was able to defrost and heat my casseroles in my microwave, all done in the same containers thus saving time with no saucepans to wash. I will certainly be using them a lot more in the future.

Merle Testimonial Roaming Cooking

No one was more surprised than me when after a day and evening using the cute little cup for water, tea, coffee and finally wine, my husband announced that I was not allowed to use it and would have to buy my own! That little cup, with its collapsible body and little handle that swings in to place from its horizontal storage position, even managed to hold his soft boiled egg the following morning!

Annie Testimonial

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